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Mindi Mond

Mindi Mond has a true passion for fine jewelry that is apparent to every one she meets. When she was a little girl, Mindi enjoyed exploring relatives’ jewelry boxes.  Her mother, a jewelry collector, taught her how to spot the subtle differences that distinguish a truly spectacular piece.  As her taste developed, Mindi found herself drawn particularly to the exquisite workmanship and stunning materials of the Art Deco era, an aesthetic that she still cherishes today.

During her initial career as a fashion merchandiser, Mindi sought relief from the rough edges of the garment industry by imagining how to accessorize outfits with jewelry.  As she travelled throughout the US and around the world, she enjoyed learning about each culture’s unique approach to jewelry. Later, friends would often admire the pieces she was wearing and ask her for help in adding to their own collections. 

To satisfy her customers’ desire for exquisite items made to pass along to the next generation, Mindi began reconceiving vintage jewelry for contemporary wear in 2009.  She went on to launch her original Clarity Collection in 2012. Today, Mindi creates elegant and sophisticated fine jewelry for the modern collector. Her pieces can be purchased from some of the world’s finest retailers, as well as directly from Mindi herself.

Mindi Mond is a devoted wife and mother and a dedicated board member of the THANC (Thyroid, Head and Neck Cancer) Foundation.  She lives in New York with her husband and two children.